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Nylon Braided Rope - 9mm x 50 Feet

Nylon Braided Rope - 9mm x 50 Feet

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Rope is a must need tool that should always be with you, whether you are camping, hiking, driving, or simply at home. It has uses from hanging clothes, to securing your shelter. This 9mm braided nylon rope is lightweight and easy to store. Keep this rope in your car, survival kit, or backpack. FREE Shipping with all rope!

This rope is NOT intended for rock climbing or rappelling.


  • Versatile: This 50-foot, 9mm camping rope is an item everyone can find use for. Whether it’s hanging clothes, constructing a shelter, or securing an item to your car this multi-use, shock-resistant rope is a practical tool to have at your disposal.
  • Added Length: When 50 feet isn’t enough it’s simple to extend your rope. The 4 inner cords can easily be removed to transform this 50 foot rope into a 250 foot rope.
  • Durable: This can be used for light to moderate weight objects and jobs. For added strength, this 9mm rope has a nylon braided outer layer surrounding 4 inner nylon braided cords. However, this rope is NOT intended for rock climbing or rappelling.
  • Lightweight: At only 1.5 lbs this rope is light enough to include in your pack for that camping trip, and small enough to fit under the seat in your car.
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