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Dual-Arc Plasma Lighter from CrossFire

Dual-Arc Plasma Lighter from CrossFire

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The Dual-Arc Plasma Lighter is the last lighter you will ever need! The Lithium Ion battery is rechargeable up to 700 times and with each charge the lighter can be lit up to 500 times. To charge, simply plug it into any USB charger.

To activate the dual arc lighting system, push the O child safety button three times, then push and hold the child safety button to activate the lighter. To deactivate the lighting system, push the child safety button three times and safely store.

Fill the built-in storage compartment with WISEFIRE Fire Starter and be ready for any situation. The dual arc lighting system is water resistant and provides the ability to light a fire in windy conditions. Whether you are in the backyard, on the trail, or at the campsite, you will always have a fire.

Only need the lighter? Simply place the storage cap over the USB charging component, and go! The Dual Arc Plasma Lighter is the most durable, dependable and versatile lighter you will ever own! (This product ships within the USA only.)

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