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security fireproof bag

Fireproof Document Bag - Fire and Water Resistant

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Our fireproof document bag is made of high quality aluminum foil fiberglass and advanced fireproof cloth which resists temperatures between 800-1000 Celsius. Note that this item ships from China.


Flame retardant

The security fireproof bag is made of high quality aluminum foil fiberglass cloth and advanced fireproof cloth, which resist under 800-1000 Celsius high temperature environment and provide you double safe protection for your important document from fire disaster at home.


The fireproof security bag also owns good waterproof function, which can keep your paper document dry after the water fire rescue step.

Big size

The security fireproof bag is 14.93 x 11 in (L x W), which is big enough to store the normal document totally and does not need of worrying the document size problem. Big capacity also can suffice your large storage needs.

Double sealing design

The security fireproof bag is sealed by zip and magic sticker at seam time, covering your document in all direction. It is easy to open and close the security fireproof bag and insures its good sealing performance at same time.

Scope of application

The security fireproof bag is widely suitable for passport, money, bill, document, digital tablet, photo, battery, jewelry, paperwork and so on, practically used in office and home.


Type: security fireproof bag

Quantity: 1 pc

Material: aluminum foil fiberglass cloth + advanced fireproof cloth

Color: black

Size: 38 x 28cm / 14.93 x 11inch ( L x W)

Net weight: 260g / 9.17oz


1 x security fireproof bag


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