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Foldable Water Bucket for Camping and Outdoors

Foldable Water Bucket for Camping and Outdoors

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Our foldable water bucket is Ideal for camping packs since it is flat when not in use and we have three different storage capacities for you to chose from. Note that this item ships from Hong Kong.

1.Ideal for camping packs - flat when not in use.

2. Different capacity for your chose, Comfortable carry handle, unique press and flow system allows pouring in upright position.

3. Portable and foldable, space saving. Adjustable water outlet, convenient to use

4. Used for car washing, camping, fishing, picnic, vacation, etc.

5. Heavy duty handle.

6. Flow control tap Color: White Volume: 10L Temperature: -20 degree - +80 degree

7. Material: Strong polyethylene (non toxic).

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