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Sun Core Portable Solar Oven for Outdoor Cooking

Sun Core Portable Solar Oven for Outdoor Cooking

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Sun Core™ Solar Oven is outdoor cooking with more freedom, possibility, and convenience than ever before! Now all you need to prepare meals while camping, hiking, RVing, or in survival situations is our Sun Core oven and the shining sun; no batteries, electricity, or fuel required.

How it Works

Once unfolded the reflective panels of the Sun Core oven direct sunlight on to the inner vacuum tube, converting the rays into thermal heat. As the rays reflect onto the inner tube, the removable core heats up cooking the contents just like any typical oven. 

How to Use it

  • Release support legs and set oven on stable surface
  • Unfold reflective panels until fully extended Remove core from inner tube, load with food, and replace in tube Use adjustable knobs to direct panels toward sun, the attached sundial allows for optimal positioning to be found for any desired temperature range.
  • Cook food just as you would in a conventional oven


  • Sundial indicator to help you know the best angle for maximum heat output and to regulate internal temperature
  • Built-in thermometer so you can know how long to cook your food
  • Self-contained design allows you to carry everything without having to purchase a carry bag
  • Cook in any season, as long as sunlight is available you can use the Sun Core oven
  • Lightweight at only 13 pounds, but compact, sturdy and durable
  • Food Tray is made of 304 Food Grade Stainless Steel

Technical Specifications

  • SKU: 3415
  • UPC: 850253006461
  • Weight: 13 lbs
  • Shipping Dimensions: 16"x14"x13"
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